your best day ever

The most important part of your wedding day is that it's about YOU, your partner and what Y'ALL want!

I'm totally on board for a massive 200+ person party with a full ceremony. I'm also super on board to be with you as you say your vows surrounded by your closest family members on top of a mountain in your favorite national park. 

For 2021, I am all booked out for large weddings. If you are doing an intimate wedding, elopement or adventure wedding, I still have some availability.


I'm not really into the really awkward, posed pictures that I've seen at countless weddings. I'm into capturing the emotions of the moment in real time, not creating contrived moments where you feel obligated to perform for your guests. I'm a big fan of natural light, and being outside (even in the rain) and I'm a big fan of people who aren't afraid to nix tradition so that they can spend their wedding day exactly how they want. I like to think that there's nothing wrong with tradition, as long as you don't find yourself saying "Well, I SHOULD do it this way because that's how everyone does it." Nah, don't fight your intuition. Your wedding day is about YOU, not about some version of yourself that you think you should be.

If you're passionate about making your wedding day about YOU, and mixing tradition with new ideas, we're a match made in heaven.

wedding packages start at $6,500

elopement packages start at $5,400

Let's get y'all married!!

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Glacier Point

more weddings coming in 2021!