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authentic, movement-based photos
This will be so fun, I pinky promise!
more on my instagram: @covrt.ney


"Courtney is magic behind the camera. I cannot wait for life to give me another excuse to use her for another photo shoot!"

Michelle L.

"You are truly an exceptional photographer. I am in awe with how you have captured each and every moment. It was all her vision and you allowed her to express it fully. Thank you!"

Laura B.

"Incoming seniors! Go book Courtney for senior pics! She's the best!"

Alissa T.

"You did an amazing job of directing me and making me feel like a model instead of an awkward human who doesn't know how to pose. Thank you so much!"

Celest H.

"THEY ARE AMAZING! I LOVE THEM! I've already forwarded my the gallery to my family and they love it too! We were so lucky to get someone as talented as you!"

Samantha M.

"I'M SCREAMING! OMFG! Every TIME you blow my mind! They look AMAZING, Court!"

Whitney W.

"You're the BEST!"

Hailey C.


Sydney J.

"We had so much fun with you yesterday!! You made us feel so comfortable right off the bat and you are really so good at your job."

Kat T.

"These are amazing!! Thank you so much!!"

Mary Clare

"Courtney is such a professional and is very easy to work with. She made my experience so wonderful by telling us exactly what to do and she got our pictures to us a week early! I loved Courtney and her pictures. She is so very talented. I highly recommend!"

Alexa Z.

"Omg I love them, you are amazing."

Sophie T.

"OMG I'M OBSESSED. You're seriously amazing these look so good."

Sydney D.

"You're the best! Thank you so much for capturing a defining moment in my life with such beauty!"

Sidney R.

"Thank you so much for doing an amazing job!"

Margaret B.

"Thank YOU! <3 They look fabulous!"

Carmen E.

"These are absolutely AMAZING!!! Thank you SOO much, you're the best!!"

Mackenzie S.

"We had such a wonderful time shooting with Courtney this morning. Really obsessed with these photos. <3"

Shelby W.

"I was with my family when the gallery came through and I was in tears from your kindness! We were able to show some at the reception and everyone was in love!! You. Are. The. Best."

Jenna T.

"Today was SO MUCH FUN! Thank you thank you thank you. :)"

Mei Mei G.

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