Hey there,
I'm Courtney!

I'm a twenty five year old photographer based out of Austin, Texas. I have my Associates Degree, my Bachelors Degree aaand I'm working on my Masters too while working full time.

I'm really lucky because the most important part of my job is to be an advocate of anyone who wants to be their true self. That means if you want to show up to a photoshoot with me in your sweats- cool! If you want to wear a ballgown, that's cool too! I'm here to take pictures of you being yourself!

I get to work with the coolest people and I. Love. My. Job.

I've got a bunch of additional info about the way I do things linked below here.


Amazing artwork by @gigis_lab on Instagram

I'm not usually on the other side of the camera but when I am..... See here.