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Hello! I'm so happy you're here.

If you're looking for a photographer to completely recreate someone else's 'look' or style, edit your body size/shape, or make you look like a different person, I might not be the photographer for you. If you're shopping around for a photographer because you just need one picture for the yearbook, you

may not see the value in what I offer--that's okay! You deserve to work with a photographer who fits your needs.

Regardless of whether or not I am the photographer for you, I want you to know: 

You deserve authentic, intentional, unique photographs of yourself. 

Regardless of your fear of being in front of a camera, your personal insecurities, or your ideas of what a photoshoot entails. How you feel when you look at pictures of yourself MATTERS.

My photo shoots are a space where it's safe to feel beautiful.


I've been in this industry for almost a decade now and I understand the importance of delivering not just 2 or 3 good pictures, but a gorgeous gallery full of images that you're completely obsessed with that you'll look back on happily for the rest of your life. My favorite feedback is, “There’s too many good ones! How are we supposed to pick just one for the yearbook?! We’re overwhelmed. S.O.S.” 

I will be up front with you though, I am a photographer.

I am not a spray tan expert, personal trainer, hair stylist, or makeup artist.

I capture pictures of what's in front of me.

I focus my creative energy on capturing my clients as they are-- which means I curate a space for you to be yourself. Don't hire me to recreate your best friend's gallery you saw, shot for shot, moment for moment. You probably like those photos of her because you can SEE HER in them, the real her.

Hire me if you want photos of YOU.

That's what's reflected in my galleries.


I am currently on my summer sabbatical, resting and rejuvenating my creativity.

My books for shoots during August- December of 2024 open on Sunday, July 28th. Please email me on July 28th if you're wanting to book a shoot during that time frame.

If you want to do a shoot in June or July (not in Texas), feel free to email me using the contact form below.

In the meantime, my starting prices are listed below. I can't wait to chat with you!




senior portrait packages start at $1900

engagement packages start at $1900

college graduation packages start at $1900

elopement packages start at $7400

shoot me an email using the template below so we can get to know each other!


Say hey!

Here you can shoot me an email with all your questions, creative ideas and other fun stuff. Please let me know what pronouns to use when addressing you, as well.

senior pictres
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