so ,  what's  the  deal ?

If you're looking for a photographer to completely recreate someone else's 'look' or style, edit your body size/shape, or make you look like a different person, I might not be the girl for you. If you're shopping around for a photographer because you just need one picture for the yearbook, you

may not see the value in what I offer--and that's all okay, I get it.

Regardless of whether or not I am the photographer for you, I want you to know: 

You deserve authentic, intentional, unique photographs of yourself. 

Regardless of your fear of being in front of a camera, your personal insecurities, or your ideas of what a photoshoot entails. How you feel when you look at pictures of yourself MATTERS.

If you've been looking for a photographer & are feeling a bit intimidated because you 'don't know what to do with your hands in pictures' or you 'hate having your picture taken' (surprise! same here) or you don't have a lot of pictures of yourself that you like...

I'm the girl for you. 

 I look back at my senior pictures and they’re really pretty! Totally.


 I wish I had invested in myself, in who I was and not tried to look like what everyone else looked like in their senior pictures. I understand the tradition of senior pictures and I totally respect and celebrate that. But I’m not here to force you into a dress and heels if that isn’t you. My senior shoot was the first and last time I ever wore a seafoam green dress + a chunky necklace. Nothing wrong with that outfit if that's you but I personally feel much more like myself in my Doc Marten boots.


I've been in this industry for a couple years now and I understand the importance of delivering not just 2 or 3 good pictures, but a gorgeous gallery full of images that you're completely obsessed with. My favorite feedback is, “There’s too many good ones! How are we supposed to pick just one for the yearbook?! We’re overwhelmed. S.O.S.” 

If you’ve never done a photoshoot before, here’s what you should expect with me:

 Expect to laugh until your stomach hurts, expect some ridiculous dance moves (from me, but please join in!), expect to see a beautiful sunset and approximately 100 "Oh my gosh look at this picture!! THAT'S YOU!" moments, a dozen quotes from Gossip Girl, The Office, or Veep, expect to see the pictures as I'm taking them (I'm not afraid to show you the back of my camera!) expect me to know every lyric to any One Direction or Taylor Swift songs on your playlist. Expect me to edit your photos in a way that keeps the color true to life. What’s the point in you wearing the most stunning shade of blue or green if your photographer is going to put an orangey-brown filter on the pictures?

And last but certainly not least, expect to end up with a gallery full of beautiful,

empowering pictures where you look like the best version of yourself. PERIOD.

If you're down to chase the sunset (literally), sweet talk our way to the top of a parking garage, dance around downtown, and laugh at all my bad jokes, I'm the photographer for you. The fact that you've read this far and like my work means more to me than you will ever know. (Seriously, it makes my heart go !!!!!)

Shoot me an email using the form below and I will get back to you within 24 hours.





senior portrait packages start at $900

engagement packages start at $500

family pictures start at $500

college graduation packages start at $500

elopement packages start at $2400

wedding packages start at $3200

shoot me an email using the template below so we can get to know each other!

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