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Not a senior? Don't need business headshots or family pictures? 

But you still want to shoot?

Heck yes.



For anybody who wants a shoot that isn't about how other perceive you (not boudoir pictures for a romantic partner, not headshots for business purposes, not graduation pictures for everyone to see how you're doing) but photos 100% for you.

My favorite part about growing up was coming home to myself in my own body, and the joy and peace I feel within myself as I grew (and continue to grow) into the person I've always wanted to be.

After years of trying to fit into the beauty standards around me, of wearing clothes to "fit in", I wanted to celebrate letting go of all of those things and embracing myself!!!

All people, all bodies, all genders, all stages of life.

Whether you're 22 or 92, you are worth celebrating right where you're at.


My "Why"

There's a lot of space in the photograph industry for brides, grooms, seniors, families, etc. to justify getting pictures taken to celebrate an OCCASION. I think that happiness and healing and growing as a person should be celebrated, so that's what this space is all about.

Graduating from high school and college are wonderful accomplishments, but life is so cool and there's even more to celebrate beyond education.


I would argue that personal growth is the biggest deal of all!

The "What"

This shoot is where we spend an afternoon together and have a great time doing whatever makes you feel like you. I photograph you while you do your thing!

The options are endless, we could go rollerskating, I could photograph you with your horses, we could have a picnic in a field, go on a hike, go swimming at your favorite spot, do you have an incredible gaming set up that you're super proud of? Do you make music? I'd love to take pictures of you in those environments. If you skateboard, collect rocks, bake, love going to the library, doing makeup, if you're a drag show performer, race-car driver, or concert-goer. Whatever it is, let me photograph you doing your thing!


"At Home in My Body" sessions are $1,500 + sales tax. This session is best suited for folks over the age of 22.

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