M  y   B  u  c  k  e  t   L  i  s  t 

If you're looking for a wildly unique location that I will be bouncing
off the walls with inspiration about... look no further. 
For most of these, I have a specific vision in mind: a specific time of day
and wardrobe look-I won't post all my secrets here but consider this list a starting point.

Let me clarify that these are places I WANT to shoot at but: 
1. I have to travel to get there, which I am more than willing to do as long as time 
and your budget allows for it
2. I am unable to get access to shoot there just by my own ability

I started this list because, it turns out, we all have a lot more access to cool places than we think. Your grandma lives on her own land that you grew up on? Amazing, that's really special let's go there! Your dad works at a swanky hotel downtown with an awesome pool? So cool, let's do some underwater shots! Your family has a second home in Maine that you spend the summer at? Those are all memories worth capturing!
If any of this list speaks to you... let's make some magic!

from the lighting aisle at Home Depot to the Louvre


-Austin City Limits Music Festival (ACL)

-The Austin Motel

-A boat on the lake (this would be a great add-on to a senior shoot)

- The top of/in a high rise downtown with a great view

-The lighting aisle at Home Depot (seriously)

- Any ranch or lake house

-any beach. literally. let's get in those waves!!!

-Jacob's Well (need advanced notice + photo permit)

-Enchanted Rock (did this once and loved it! need advanced notice + photo permit)

-Any hotspring, waterfall or swimming holes (Blue Hole, The Frio etc.) (Been to one in Utah, really want to go back for a shoot!)

-Marfa, Texas (shot here twice so I know all the good spots!)

-any unique motel in west/east Texas

-pretty much any concert. forreal.

-an airplane hanger

-with any cool car(s)

-Tandy Hills (north of Dallas)

-Any retro ice cream shop

-inside a Chanel store

-the candy aisle at HEB

-in an arcade

-that carnival that comes to Austin once a year

-a bathroom with a clawfoot bathtub

-anywhere with a view

-anywhere above the clouds at sunset


-Yosemite, California

-Quite literally anywhere along the Oregon Coast

-any beach house

-Coachella (Indio, California)

-the desert outside of Las Vegas

-Las Vegas (the city) because of all those twinkly lights!

-the subway in NYC (and cue the disgusted groans from NYC locals... trust my vision, trust my vision!)

-Mt. Rainier, Washington

-driving across the Golden Gate Bridge

-Arches National Park, Utah

-Olympic National Park, Washington

-Horseshoe Bend, Arizona (been here and want to go back so badly!)

-The White Sands National Park, New Mexico (been here but not for a shoot, just for fun and I really want to go back!)

-Grand Teton National Park

-The cherry blossoms in Washington D.C.

-Zion National Park (been here and want to go back SO BADLY!)


-The Louvre

-streetwear photos in Paris

-streetwear photos in Japan

-The cliffs of Moher, Ireland

-Venice, Italy

-Salzburg, Vienna

-anywhere in Iceland

-Zermatt, Switzerland

-the balcony of a hotel in Paris

-the Netherlands

-Madrid, Spain

-The Maldives

-Santorini, Greece

-anywhere in Scotland

-Moraine Lake

-anywhere in Alaska

-the Sahara Desert, Morocco

-Bora Bora

-the Italian countryside

& many, many more...

Yosemite, California