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Queen of California

I am so excited to have had the opportunity to photograph the Spring Collection "Queen of California" for Beaded by W! This two-day shoot turned out what I consider some of my best work yet. I'm proud to say that I think if 13 year old me could see these pictures, she would LOVE them. The first time I held a DSLR camera, I would have been over the moon to see what I would be doing in just a few short years. I guess all my watching America's Next Top Model finally paid off... (Please don't tell my mom that I religiously watched Tyra tell girls to "SMIZE" for years) If someone had handed me these pictures when I was first starting out and said "What do you think of these?" I would have loved them and tried (as I often did) to recreate them exactly. Pretty cool when the hundreds of thousands (literally) of awful pictures that you took as a middle schooler pays off! I'd like to thank the Beaded by W team for this cool opportunity but i'd also like to thank anyone that ever let me photograph them up to this point. Whether I lead you through a mosquito-infested creek, field of thorns, retention pond, to the tops of buildings, under bridges, in bathtubs, around neighborhoods, through cities, into the ocean, the snow, down stairwells, train tracks, forests or even my own backyard, THANK YOU! Thank you for trusting me even when we thought the pictures were amazing and we look back now and cringe... Thank you for believing in me and my vision, it's been a long road to get here and theres an even longer road to continue on but THANK YOU! It's because of you that I was able to express myself, and because of you that i've grown to become the photographer I am today

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