The White Sands, NM

Spring Break for Whitney & I meant a road trip from Austin, TX --> Alpine TX --> Marfa TX --> Valentine TX --> Ruidoso NM --> The White Sands NM --> back to Austin.

We made a stop a the famous Paisano Hotel, from the 1956 movie "The Giant" and took some pictures (of course).

Then, we grabbed dip cones from Dairy Queen (a classic staple of the American Dream) and drove a couple miles out of town to watch the sunset.

We watched the sunset at the Marfa Lights visitor station and took more pictures (surprise).

The next day, we took our time around town and headed out to Valentine, TX.

Had a blast at the Prada store and met some cool people who were also there to take pictures.

From there, we headed out to Ruidoso, NM, and from there onto the White Sands National Monument.